Karama, an Arabic word meaning dignity, was founded on the principle that individuals flourish when given opportunity to provide for their families through creative and purposeful work.

91/91 Collection

Join Karama in the campaign to pray Psalm 91 for 91 days in support of Young Life Africa leaders who are on the front lines with teenagers and families in areas affected by the Ebola outbreak.  100% of the proceeds from any 91/91 purchase will be donated to Young Life Africa to support ministry in countries affected by the Ebola crisis in West Africa.


Craftsmanship and Purpose: Leather Work in Ethiopia

November 26, 2014

In mid-November, Dorothy and I traveled to the vibrant city of Addis Ababa, surrounded by rocky hills and wispy, low-hanging clouds. We wrapped ourselves in shawls to keep out the relative chill and walked down cobbled streets to explore the city. After arriving by taxi, we strode through a near-abandoned mall to find the leather shop owned by our friend Yami.  (photo credit: http://www.aiic2015assembly.org/addisababa) Yami grew up in California, and married and raised children there as well. But her homeland tugged at her heart - and she felt called to return to the place where her family and heritage reside. Once she and her family had moved back to Addis Ababa and settled in, she asked herself how she could... Continue Reading →